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Why Counselling?


I believe that individuals have the experience and capacity to develop solutions that work for them. I also believe that people have good reasons for doing the things that they do. My role is to help my clients uncover those solutions and see things from new perspectives to help them get "unstuck". Through a solution focussed approach my goal is to get you where you want to be as efficiently as possible. 


I know that a traditional counselling setting isn't for everyone which is why I started Walk and Talk Singapore where we meet in one of Singapore's beautiful parks and walk during the session. 


I have experience working with clients across age ranges from young children through to teenagers and parents. Common topics I support clients with include depression, anxiety, friendships, anger, self harm, school refusal, self control, self esteem, time management, managing expectations and setting limits for your child, working constructively with other parents, navigating friendships, dealing with screen time, iPads and laptops in a constructive manner, creating balance and navigating transitions and change.


It can be challenging for men to seek help, talk about their problems and work towards solutions. I help to create and environment where this is possible and men are able to get the support they need. It is also one of the main reasons I started Walk and Talk Singapore because having those same conversations outdoors while "doing something" is how some men communicate best.   

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