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Parent Coaching

If you find that you hear yourself saying the same thing over an over, it’s time to try a different approach.

Parent Coaching

My role includes providing support and offering new perspectives. I work with parents to help them gain confidence in their own abilities. I help them fine tune their parenting style using strategies that fit with their values and lifestyle. From managing screen time and setting limits to confronting scary risk taking behaviour, there are many challenges can leave parents at a loss. However, when we approach these and other challenges from the perspective of strengths and abilities, we discover new resources that have helped parents to cope and thrive up to this point. 

I bring my experience as a coach, counsellor a teacher to support families through today's life challenges. As parents, we are all doing the best we can and my goal is to help make that a little bit smoother. 

Parenting Workshops

I have conducted numerous parent and staff trainings over the years and am happy to speak with you about how I can support your group / school / club. I draw from current research and best practices. Sample topics include:

  • transition: arriving, staying and leaving for the whole family
  • setting limits
  • raising happy boys/girls
  • communicating with children, adolescents and teenagers
  • the challenges and opportunities of raising a Third Culture Kid.