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Phil is perfect for this line of work. He listened to me attentively, he asked the occasional question and he led me from behind. Thanks to Phil, I ended up answering questions to my own queries about where my wife and I are headed next. With Phil, it seemed so simple. He's a master.

Andrew Hallam - GLOBAL NOMAD

Working with Phil through a rough stage of my professional life was invaluable. His considerate demeanor and style guided me to a place where I was able to work through my issues and arrive at a place of contentment. An expert listener, Phil's empathy was always evident in our sessions and the questions he asked were always well targeted; ultimately, it was the environment that he created which allowed me the space to effectively find resolution.

K. Johnson - USA

"Talking to Phil helped clear the fog and take a look at my problem objectively. What I liked about it is that we were trying to get somewhere. It wasn't just unloading everything that's going on in my life but how can we get from here to there. When I think of therapy I think of digging deep in the past to see how it's affecting the present. What I thought was interesting about coaching was that it looked to the future and goal setting which is the kind of thing I need to do more of." 


"I've worked with Phil for over a year. He helped me take my business to the next level. He has really raised my awareness about my priorities and he's helped me to make some difficult decisions. I highly recommend working with him."


"Phil worked with me as a Coach helping me to identify the key obstacles in my personal and professional life that were weighing on me. He helped clear the way for some very important and life altering decisions which were all made in a safe, confidential environment. Many of the questions he posed were ones I had asked myself, but working through them with Phil made them seem more manageable and achievable."

Michelle F. - CHICAGO 

We all have answers within us, but only with the help of a skilled facilitator do those answers reveal themselves clearly. I sat with Phil on two separate occasions and I was amazed at the ‘aha’ moments I experienced. It was the specific questions he posed that brought clarity to my jumbled thoughts. And it was the way he summarized what I had said that allowed me to see things differently.

Pele - USA