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When our son first started seeing Phil we were desperate as parents to get him some help. On our first visit our son went begrudgingly but he told us after that visit that he really liked talking to Phil. This is a child who had been in therapy before and never enjoyed it but suddenly he looked forward to going every week. When we moved from Singapore, Phil followed up via email to check on our son. That is above and beyond what is expected and a testament to how Phil takes a real interest in his clients.

M.S. - USA

Phil listens.  He listens well, takes in what I say and seems to always piece together what's going on in my head better than I can.  I really appreciate how he gets to the heart of things by asking meaningful questions and allowing ideas and answers come from my own thoughts.  He's easy to talk to.  I'm one who has been struggling with separation from my wife of 25 years and a bit of an identity crisis as my age hit 50.  Phil has been an invaluable source to help me navigate a very tough time in my life. Thank you Phil!


I sought Phil's advice on the recommendation of a family friend for my 12yr old son had issues with accepting appropriate boundaries around electronics. Phil was the calm voice to the rising tensions between us and helped my son understand that I wasn't just being the meanest Mummy in the world. He also helped me understand it's perfectly normal for a 12 yr old boy to not be able exercise self control and by removing the temptations ie laptops/TV became password protected, my phone stayed in my bedroom, it would smooth our relationship and allows us to focus on the positives.


"Skype was a great tool when getting some perspective from Phil. As a counselor, I am regularly in need of unloading or gaining greater perspective with regards to my own clients. Phil calmly listens and then clearly explains his thoughts on the matter, which are always helpful."


"I highly recommend Phil Meehan to work with children.  Phil worked with my 11 year old son to help him during his transition to Singapore and his first experience in a large international school.  They worked on socialization skills which have helped my son immensely and I saw a marked improvement from the boy who missed home so much he cried almost daily to the boy who enjoyed his school, activities with friends and was HAPPY in his interactions with others."