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Why Coaching?

Whether you are dealing with difficult people in your life, striving to get the best from your team or unravelling tricky situations with your family, I can help you 

  • clearly define solutions and work towards them in small, manageable steps
  • identify useful and helpful existing resources
  • avoid major pitfalls and obstacles leading to your desired outcome
  • keep things as simple as possible, but no simpler

You may find coaching sessions with me to be different that other coaching you have experienced. As a Solution Focussed coach, my focus is on solutions, strengths, competencies, success and the actions that will achieve your desired future. This laser focus allows us to achieve more towards realizing your goals in less time. Yes, there is a place for problems, weaknesses, inadequacies, what's wrong and identifying the root causes, but they don't lead to solutions.

As a coach I have worked with professionals (teachers, lawyers, executives), parents and students. I have trained as a Solution Focussed coach and completed the International Coach Federation training, together with over 750 hours of coaching experience. My Professional Coach Certification designation is pending the upcoming PCC exam.